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Where to buy Gordon Low Pond Liners

Last year alone we despatched over a million square metres of pond and lake liner to over a thousand retailers across England, Wales and Scotland. As a leading pond liner manufacturer we are a trade only supplier (50+ years) and do not sell directly to the general public. However, we are more than happy to put you in touch with your local retailer of Gordon Low Pond Liners.

For your nearest stockist please call us on 01480 405433 or send an email. We can recommend a local Water Garden Centre that stocks the type and size of material you are looking for, or put you in touch with an experienced tradesman to carryout your pond build for you.

Alternatively many of our Garden and Aquatic Centre and Landscaping customers have excellent web sites, click on the buttons below to find the one for you -

    Gordon Low SealEco 0.75mm EPDM

    Gordon Low Firestone 1mm EPDM

    Gordon Low 0.5mm PVC


Need convincing how popular we are?

When you install a Gordon Low Pond Liner, you are in excellent company. The list below shows just a handful of our more notable pond and lake liner customers ..

Elton John: Ornamental Lake (Anthony Archer Wills)
Stanley Kubrick: Ornamental ponds on his private estate.
Lady Caroline Ogilvy: Ornamental Lake (Anthony Archer Wills)
Nick Faldo: Ornamental Lake on his private estate (Fairwater Ltd)
Geoffrey Robinson: Ornamental Pond (Fairwater Ltd)
Sir Anthony Jay: Ornamental Pond (Anthony Archer Wills)
Gerald Scarfe: Ornamental Lake (Anthony Archer Wills)
Lord and Lady Keswick: Ornamental Lake (Anthony Archer Wills)
Kim Wilde: Ornamental Lake (Hertfordshire Fisheries)
No 10 Downing Street: Wildlife pond (Fairwater Ltd)

BBC East Enders: Drowning scene
BBC Blue Peter: Various liners including pond in Blue Peter Garden
BBC Dr Who: Various liners for water special effects
BBC Ground force: Pond Liners
BBC Comic Relief: Gunk Tanks
BBC Dalziel and Pascoe : Tank Liner for diving scene
BBC Really Wild Garden: Pond Liners
BBC Small Town Gardens: Pond Liners
(Fairwater Ltd)
CBBC Run the Risk: Tank Liners and Gunk Tanks
CBBC Get Your Own Back: Tank Liners and Gunk Tanks
BBC Top of the Pops: Pans People “I can’t stand the rain”
BBC It’s a Knock Out: Pond Liners
ITV Emmerdale Farm: Pond Liners and Tanks
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: wings and floater
Glastonbury Pop Festival: Water Tanks
“Singing in the Rain” West End Musical: Pond Liner
(Aquamatic Irrigation Ltd)

Chelsea Flower Show: Pond Liners
Hampton Court Flower Show: Pond Liners
Bushy Park, Hampton Court: Reed Bed reinstatement
(Fairwater Ltd)
Royal Parks London: Pond Liners (Fairwater Ltd)
Alton Towers: Ornamental Ponds (Fairwater Ltd)
Chessington World of Adventures: Various ponds (with Fairwater Ltd)
Lego Land: Moat
Slimbridge Wild Fowl: Various Ponds
(Anthony Archer Wills)
Wood Green Animal Shelters: Ornamental Lake Liner
Regents Park: Ornamental Ponds
(Fairwater Ltd)
Paignton Zoo: Moat for Animal Enclosure (Fairwater Ltd)
Roche Head Office, Welwyn. Ornamental Lake
Computer Centre Head Office, Hatfield: Ornamental Lake
(With Fairwater Ltd)
Forestry Commission, Brandon: Lake Liner
Botanical Gardens Ventnor, Isle of Wight: pond Liners
Radley College, Abingdon: Pond Liner
Oundle School: Ornamental Pond
(Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd)
Linton Zoo: Pond Liners
National Trust, Wimbourne: Lake Liner
H.M. Prison, Channings Wood: Pond Liners
Rookwood Golf Club: Ornamental Lake
(Fairwater Ltd)
Staverton Park Golf Club: Ornamental Lake (Fairwater Ltd)
Rustington Golf Club: Ornamental Lake (Fairwater Ltd)
Paignton Zoo: Monkey Enclosure (Aquamatic Irrigation)
Borde Hill Gardens: Ornamental Ponds (Fairwater Ltd)
Gold Group International (Anne Summers) Ornamental Ponds (Fairwater Ltd)
Southern Water: Reservoir Liners (Fairwater Ltd)
Hyde Park Hotel: Ornamental Pond Liner (Greenhouse Water Gardens)
Malaysian Airlines: Ornamental Pond Liner (Greenhouse Water Gardens)
Fox Studios: Pond Liners (Greenhouse Water Gardens)
Dorset Golf & Country Club: Pond Liner

Tank and Liner Installations

Manchester United FC Training Ground
Aston Villa FC Training Ground
West Ham FC Training Ground
Chelsea FC Training Ground
Wessex Water
Sea Life Centres
Paignton Zoo @ Botanic Gardens
Bristol Zoo
Whipsnade Zoo
Linton Zoo

County Councils Order Wildlife Ponds for Schools and Care Homes

Cornwall County Council
St Helens County Council
Worcester County Council
Isle of Wight County Council
Powys Country Council
Oxford County Council
Kent County Council
Devon County Council
Dorset County Council
Norfolk County Council
Surrey County Council
Pool County Council
Hampshire County Council
Gloucester County Council
London Borough Hackney
London Borough Redbridge



Look for the GORDON LOW PONDLINER brand in your local Aquatic Centre.



Firestone PondGard 1mm EPDM Pond Liner cut-from-roll display stand at the Aquatic Centre.


Pre-packed SealEco EPDM Pond Liners and Pond Underlay Geotextile on our Award winning point-of-sale display stand. The Pond Liner information panel has useful grids to allow easy liner selection based on typical pond styles and sizes. Each liner size is clearly labelled and easily found.


Larger Pond Liners despatched direct to site from our manufacturing facility in Bedfordshire.



Tailor made (box welded) ornamental pond and water storage tank liners manufactured individually to customer order in our dedicated factory unit.



Direct-to-site delivery of Landscaping rolls organised to coincide with project requirements. We liase directly with the site team to ensure materials arrive when required.


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