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Quality Control is top priority at Gordon Low




To ensure we consistently produce a top quality product involves a great deal of process management. It begins with selecting the right raw materials, it involves fabrication process control, stock control, packaging and despatch management. Each part of the process has to be closely monitored and this is where choosing a pond liner from GORDON LOW PRODUCTS makes such a difference. We can offer a lifetime guarantee (on flat sheets up to 140 sq.m) because we are supplying a premium product backed up by some of the most respected material manufacturers in this field. Quality does not come cheap, but we constantly monitor material prices to ensure we offer highly competitive products, often against lower grade products.

The life expectancy of a synthetic rubber liner is dependent not only on the level of exposure to the elements but also to any mechanical stress due to incorrect fitting or subsequent ground movement any time after installation. Whereas a relaxed liner below the water line could be expected to last for say 30 to 40 years, under severe mechanical stress (stretch) and exposure to ozone, sun and weathering, this could reduce to 15 to 20 years. Correct installation (including the use of a high quality geotextile underlay) and good pond design will greatly extend the expected life of your liner.


In any manufacturing process, high quality raw material selection is vital to produce a high quality end product. We have sourced (and used for many years) what we believe to be the most effective Butyl Rubbers, EPDM Rubbers and PVC lining materials available.

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Butyl rubber is the most expensive raw material we use for liners, and is produced in Sweden by SealEco, one of the leading material producers. We fabricate sheets in house from 1.7m wide strips using our own specialised technique. The resulting seam is an incredibly strong 25mm wide overlapping joint produced by heating, under pressure, an uncured jointing tape. This process is extremely reliable and quality ensured by a combination of our own design of welding press and stringent quality control procedures. This process enables us to fabricate Butyl and EPDM sheets in the factory up to 45m x 40m in one piece.

Our manufacturing and quality management process is endorsed by SealEco which makes us an Approved SealEco manufacturing partner.


Batch numbered product identification labels ensure traceability of materials throughout our manufacturing process. Unique batch numbers assigned to each liner manufactured, and our manufacturing control software allows us to trace original raw material used, date of fabrication and even which of our welders fabricated your liner.


Utmost care is taken with packaging our lining products, all heavy items are palletised, covered, strapped and/or shrink-wrapped to ensure maximum product protection during delivery.

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