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The Glasshouse Reflecting Lake at RHS Wisely - Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd

Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd were appointed principal contractor by the Royal Horticultural Society for the groundwork and installation of the 4,500m2 reflecting lake as well as the internal tropical lily pond and 5m high cascade waterfall.



(images courtesy of Kingcombe Aquacare Ltd.)









The lake is designed to collect the run off from the vast Glasshouse roof as well as to collect and store the under-liner drainage, thus providing a supplementary irrigation supply for the gardens.

The integrity of the lake has been assured by the installation of Firestone PondGard 1.0mm EPDM geomembrane lake liner sheets, which being available in a sheet size of 15m x 30.5m, assured maximum productivity on site.

Kingcombes installation staff have been trained and certified by Firestone Building Products and have carried out successful installations in the extreme conditions of an English winter and at the height of a Saudi summer.

Kingcombe Aquacare recommend Firestone 1mm EPDM Geomembrane as “quite simply the most cost effective quality waterproofing membrane on the market”.


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