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Some past news items:-


We showed our new, bespoke, PVC POND LINER Retail Display Stand for the first time at AQUA 2011 Telford on 5th October 2011.


This new stand is manufactured by the same supplier of our existing range of Pond Liner Roll Stands and Prepacked Pond Liner Stands, so sits perfectly alongside your existing Pond Liner PoS, or equally well stands alone if you only retail the PVC Pond Liner range from GORDON LOW PRODUCTS.

Designed to hold your shop floor stock of our 0.5mm PVC Prepacked Pond Liners, we have ensured the Pond Liner size range displayed not only offers a good variety of Pond Liner sizes for small to medium size fish pond, wildlife pond or water feature, but also focusses on the 9 most popular selling sizes from 2m x 2m up to 5m x 6m.

The PVC Prepack Pond Liner Stand Deal includes Pond Liner Underlay packs supplied in a convienient PoS dump bin.

The design task we faced with this stand was to produce an attactive, small, yet strong shelving system that would hold and display the folded liners. As with all our display stands the floor foot print could not exceed that of a single standard pallet space.

Shelf edge ticket strips allow pond liner size and pricing labels to be used adjacent to the relevant stock.

The top shelf is angled to clearly present the consumer pond liner packaging graphics.

The PoS header panel includes a quick reference pond sizing chart, allowing the consumer to select a pond liner size to match their pond project requirements without the need to find a member of staff. It also suggests the number of 2m x 5m underlay packs required to complete their project.

12th July 2011- Gordon Low Products supply the SealEco Greenseal EPDM pond liners used in the fabrication of the Boating Lake on top of Selfridges Department store.


GORDON LOW PRODUCTS Ltd are recognised as an official SealEco Manufacturing Partner.


What does it mean to have your pond, lake or water tank liner manufactured by an Authorised Partner?

As a SealEco Authorised Manufacturing Partner, Gordon Low Products have fulfilled the requirements of the SealEco Manufacturing Partner Agreement. In short, this means we are fully authorised by SealEco to prefabricate (hot bond weld/vulcanise) pond liner sheets and water storage tank liners in the UK, from raw material rolls supplied by the membrane producer, SealEco.

However, not only has the fabricator to be an experienced firm customarily engaged in factory fabrication of EPDM or similar roll goods into large prefabricated panels by thermo-fusion and/or hot bond vulcanisation methods, but the fabricator and their manufacturing processes and documentation methods shall also be approved by the EPDM manufacturer.

For example, the fabricator shall maintain panel fabrication QC documentation to include the following information:
1. Project number/customer order (manufacturing order number), associated panel size, date of fabrication, name of fabricator etc.
2. Tracability of all associated SealEco EPDM roll numbers with manufacturers documentation. (ie. roll, lot and batch numbers, date of manufacture, etc.).
3. Records of visual inspections and seam testing.
4. Each fabricated panel/sheet shall be rolled and/or folded and packaged with protective cardboard or plastic or rubber membrane wrapping with prominent and unique identification as to panel number/size and markings indicating direction of unrolling/unfolding to facilitate layout and positioning according to the panel layout drawings.

All this information is recorded on our computerised manufacturing system but is also displayed on our unique yellow product labels.

See an example of our unique product labels on our quality page.

Gordon Low win "Best New Product" award at the AQUA2010 show

Our new range of bespoke, heavy duty, extendable shelving units and informative PoS banners will not only hold your shop floor stock of prepacked Pondliners and Underlay, but also the new user friendly pond construction information board will enable customers to make informed decisions on liner and underlay size selection.

Read more on the Retail Display page here.



Gordon Low Products promote PondConservation Charity

Gordon Low are pleased to help promote the work of the national charity PondConservation by including their logo on our new Pond Liner Retail Display Stands in Aquatic Centres nationwide.



Pond conservation logo


What is Pond Conservation?

Pond Conservation is the national charity dedicated to protecting the wildlife of our freshwaters: ponds, rivers, streams and lakes.

We give advice, carry out research, promote practical action and lobby policy makers to ensure that freshwater wildlife and habitats have a secure future.

Our work covers countryside ponds and garden ponds alike, as all types of ponds provide a vital refuge for our freshwater wildlife. We are actively supporting landowners through our Million Ponds Project to create new clean water ponds in the countryside for critically endangered species such as the Spangled Water Beetle, the Water Vole, and that most iconic of pond creatures, The Great Crested Newt. This 50 year project ultimately aims to try and reverse a century of pond loss.

We are also providing help and support to garden pond owners, both those thinking of creating new ponds, as well as those who would like advice about how best to manage their existing ponds, through our new ‘Pond Clinic’. For those wishing to create new ponds we have a simple, step by step guide to creating a new wildlife pond in your garden on our web-site. You can also download our special garden pond factsheet with lots more advice and top tips, which will help you to create the ultimate watery wildlife paradise.

To find out more about us, and our work just visit:, or email us on:





Gordon Low Products supply tailor made box-welded pond liners for 2010 Chelsea Flower Show Gardens.....


What the RHS say about this amazing show garden;-

"The first-ever full-size Malaysian show garden seen at the Chelsea Flower Show, this garden aims to transport visitors to the spectacular landscapes, bizarre rare flora and vibrant culture of the Malaysian archipelago".

What the Garden Designers say about their garden;-

"Inspired by lush rainforests and idyllic Kampung village gardens, this is nevertheless a thoroughly modern garden, which interprets Malaysia’s diverse cultures and landscapes through a 21st century lens to create a garden as unusual, surprising and dynamic as the country itself".

"Designed to give visitors to Chelsea a taste of the spectacular landscapes, bizarre flora and vibrant, modern culture of the Malaysian Archipelago, this exciting new project will be the first-ever full -size tropical garden in the show's history. Covering some 220 square meters, the design is inspired by lush rainforests and traditional Malaysian village gardens, interpreted through a cool, ultra modern lens".

"Contrasting wild naturalistic jungle planting with monolithic, clean lined hard landscaping, the garden will pair traditional Malaysian materials like sustainable coconut wood and white limestone with native species from the archipelago".


You can find more information from the 2010 RHS Chelsea Flower Show here;-


and find out more about the Garden Design and the Designers at the Amphibian Designs website here:-


Do you own (or operate) a Gordon Low Products SAFELOAD mechanical roll stand?

If the answer is YES, are you aware of your legal obligations under LOLER?

When was your hoist last inspected by a qualified engineer?

Though designed for minimal maintenance, the SAFELOAD Stand incorporates a lifting device (hoist) which falls under the LIFTING OPERATIONS AND LIFTING EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS 1998 (LOLER). Under the regulations the owner/operator is required to undertake an annual inspection of the lifting gear.

Gordon Low are pleased to recommend Stone Hardy Ltd, a company now familiar with the SAFELOAD roll stand and with a nationwide team of engineers. For a fixed annual fee, a Stone Hardy qualified engineer will visit your site and carryout the statutory thorough examination required by law. Should any corrective action be required, you will be notified and a repair quote offered.

Gordon Low Products take Health and Safety very seriously which is why we developed the SAFELOAD stand, and have asked Stonehardy Ltd to contact all of our Safeload stand customers to ensure the equipment is being maintained in the best possible condition.


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