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Gordon Low Retail display Stands - PVC Prepack Stand & Pond Underlay Dump Bin

We first presented our PVC POND LINER Retail Display Stand at the AQUA 2011 Telford show in October 2011.

This new stand is manufactured by the same supplier of our existing range of Pond Liner Roll Stands and Prepacked Pond Liner Stands, so sits perfectly alongside your existing Pond Liner PoS, or equally well stands alone if you only retail the PVC Pond Liner range from GORDON LOW PRODUCTS.

Designed to hold your shop floor stock of our 0.5mm PVC Prepacked Pond Liners, we have ensured the Pond Liner size range displayed not only offers a good variety of Pond Liner sizes for small to medium size fish pond, wildlife pond or water feature, but also focusses on the 9 most popular selling sizes from 2m x 2m up to 5m x 6m.

The PVC Prepack Pond Liner Stand Deal includes Pond Liner Underlay packs supplied in a convienient PoS dump bin.

The design task we faced with this stand was to produce an attactive, small, yet strong shelving system that would hold and display the folded liners. As with all our display stands the floor foot print could not exceed that of a single standard pallet space.

Shelf edge ticket strips allow pond liner size and pricing labels to be used adjacent to the relevant stock.

The top shelf is angled to clearly present the consumer pond liner packaging graphics.

The PoS header panel includes a quick reference pond sizing chart, allowing the consumer to select a pond liner size to match their pond project requirements without the need to find a member of staff. It also suggests the number of 2m x 5m underlay packs required to complete their project.

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